The Sounds of Independence Day: Fireworks, Freedom, and Ear Safety!

The Star-Spangled Banner is the song of the season. With the parades, patriotic decorations, grilled meats, veggies, and family, what’s not to love? Many cities have free breakfasts hosted by volunteers, parades, contests, fireworks, and other family friendly events. You can always check out your local area for your events near you. Out of all the activities you could partake in, the most popular is definitely fireworks. We’ve all heard “The National Anthem” – but around fourth of July, the only “bombs” we hear in America are fireworks. They can be as loud as 170 dB. When you are close up, it could give permanent hearing damage or tinnitus (permanent ringing) in a viewer’s ears. Even though it’s really tempting to get close to the fireworks, maintaining a healthy distance will protect your ear’s future. If you have really sensitive ears, there is protective gear you can wear after the family barbeque while watching your favorite local fireworks show.

As you listen to the fireworks (with or without your ear protection), consider the sounds our ancestors heard the nights leading up to the signing of the declaration. As you celebrate this season, thank a veteran, register to vote, and enjoy all the hot dogs, apple pie and ice-cold beverages.