Sounds You Want to Hear

We at JA Brown Company spend all year trying to keep things quiet but there are sounds that we want to hear. Certainly, the sounds of a holiday celebration are often filled with joy and excitement. Here’s a description of some of the heartwarming and festive noises you might hear during a holiday gathering:

Laughter: The infectious laughter of friends and family fills the room, punctuated by bursts of giggles, chuckles, and hearty belly laughs. It’s a reminder of the happiness shared during the holiday season.

Crackling Fire: If the celebration takes place in a cozy, fireside setting, the sound of crackling logs in the fireplace adds a warm and comforting ambiance. The occasional pop and sizzle create a soothing backdrop to the festivities.

Musical Tunes: Melodies from classic holiday songs play softly in the background, or perhaps someone has picked up a guitar or sat down at the piano to lead a holiday sing-along. The sound of carolers outside the window can add to the festive atmosphere.

Sizzling in the Kitchen: The kitchen is bustling with activity, and the sizzle of roasting meats or the simmering of a pot of homemade soup wafts through the house. The aroma is almost as delightful as the sound.

Clinking Glasses: As glasses are raised for toasts and cheers, there’s the delightful sound of glassware gently touching. The “clink” is a symbol of togetherness and celebration.

Children’s Laughter and Play: The sound of children playing with their new toys, engaging in joyful games, or building snowmen outside is a reminder of the youthful spirit that holidays often bring out.

These sounds come together to create a symphony of happiness and love during a holiday celebration, reminding us of the special moments shared with those we hold dear. Our family at JA Brown wishes you all the best during this season.